School? Already?

Yes it is again that time of year that I start gathering all my school supply lists for all five of our school children and start looking for good deals for clothes. This year I was pleasantly surprised when my wonderful friend and co-worker Courtney took the supply lists for my kids and went through to find the best deals. Every year we usually spend about $150.00 on school supplies alone for our five kids. Thanks to Courtney we will only be spending $64.98 and that is before rebates! I cannot tell you how excited I am that the extra $85.02 can go to something else.

Courtney is one of those people in life that you want as your friend. She generally loves to be helpful and I for one am so grateful for the help. Not only has she been a good friend but she has also opened my eyes to international adoption. Courtney has adopted a total of four wonderful children from Ukraine, click on her blog to read about her journey. Courtney is always making me cry by finding new sad, but inspiring blogs to follow. Courtney also introduced me to a site called Reece’s Rainbow. I know 100% that it is not feasible for Larry and I to adopt a child, but my heart does break for these kids. I have been so blessed to have not only my biological children but to be a mommy to four of the greatest bonus kids a mom could ask for. My heart not only breaks for these kids but the “parents” out there who are just waiting for a child to come into their lives.

My heart really feels for the older kids stuck in the orphanges in the Ukraine. When these kids turn 13 or so they are basically put back out on the street with no one to depend on but themselves. Many of the girls find themselves having to sell their bodies just eat. This thought leaves my heart feeling as if it has been ripped out and jumped on.

I know I have really gotten off track. I would like to suggest that if you find yourself in a position where you have a few dollars to spare I would encourage that you donate to Reece’s Rainbow. There are many families that want to adopt but are still trying to raise the funds to do so.

Sorry this blog became more of a public service announcement but it was something that was on my heart this morning…

Grab This!



  1. Meg Said:

    Thats awesome girl! I love it when you can save money! I only have 1 child so it puts my spending at a minimum (Althought this is his first year and I have gone OVERBOARD!) haha

    • snprice Said:

      It definitely feels good to save money! We are trying to do it more often but we will see how that works out. Sometimes I feel like it takes way too much time to find the deals and clip the coupons…

      As for going overboard…don’t worry we do that too!

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