I absolutely suck at this blog thing!

In life there are ups and downs. Sometimes there are more downs that ups and you find yourself just trying to survive. Well…welcome to my life!

I can say that life has been frustrating lately especially last night.

At 12 years old our two oldest are very well aware of their bodies and the way that magazines say they should look. After someone telling one of them that she had gorilla eyebrows my daughter decided to take matters into her own hands. Friday night she went to stay with my mom for the weekend. She came back with almost no eyebrows. Now I don’t care how or why I’m just wondering how to “fix” the situation. It’s nearly impossible. So if any of you have any suggestions at all I’m all ears.


School? Already?

Yes it is again that time of year that I start gathering all my school supply lists for all five of our school children and start looking for good deals for clothes. This year I was pleasantly surprised when my wonderful friend and co-worker Courtney took the supply lists for my kids and went through to find the best deals. Every year we usually spend about $150.00 on school supplies alone for our five kids. Thanks to Courtney we will only be spending $64.98 and that is before rebates! I cannot tell you how excited I am that the extra $85.02 can go to something else.

Courtney is one of those people in life that you want as your friend. She generally loves to be helpful and I for one am so grateful for the help. Not only has she been a good friend but she has also opened my eyes to international adoption. Courtney has adopted a total of four wonderful children from Ukraine, click on her blog to read about her journey. Courtney is always making me cry by finding new sad, but inspiring blogs to follow. Courtney also introduced me to a site called Reece’s Rainbow. I know 100% that it is not feasible for Larry and I to adopt a child, but my heart does break for these kids. I have been so blessed to have not only my biological children but to be a mommy to four of the greatest bonus kids a mom could ask for. My heart not only breaks for these kids but the “parents” out there who are just waiting for a child to come into their lives.

My heart really feels for the older kids stuck in the orphanges in the Ukraine. When these kids turn 13 or so they are basically put back out on the street with no one to depend on but themselves. Many of the girls find themselves having to sell their bodies just eat. This thought leaves my heart feeling as if it has been ripped out and jumped on.

I know I have really gotten off track. I would like to suggest that if you find yourself in a position where you have a few dollars to spare I would encourage that you donate to Reece’s Rainbow. There are many families that want to adopt but are still trying to raise the funds to do so.

Sorry this blog became more of a public service announcement but it was something that was on my heart this morning…

Grab This!

A Pioneer Woman…I am not!

Let me be the first to tell you all that I don’t try new recipes very often. It’s not that I can’t, I just won’t. I am a very picky eater so I generally don’t make things unless I think I will like them.

Two days ago I came across a recipe for Grilled Chicken w/Lemon Basil Pasta on The Pioneer Woman.  First, if you haven’t gone to this site then I suggest you do so immediately.  There is a little of everything.  Ree, is an amazing city girl who now lives on a ranch.  The sections include confessions, cooking, photography, home and garden,  home schooling and she has a site to share recipes called Tasty Kitchen.  This woman is AMAZING!  Second, you NEED to try this recipe.  Larry and I absolutely loved it!  I did our chicken a little differently but I think the pasta is what makes it taste oh so yummy!  I’m so glad I branched out a little and tried it.

Well that’s all I have for today.  I should have taken pictures and that would have made this post even better.  Follow the link above for pictures of the finished product from Ree!

Sing Like John Mayer…

So my brother has entered a sing like John Mayer contest…

Please check out this link

Click on DavidK from CO…

You can vote as many times as you want by clicking refresh!  Thanks for the help.

St. Louis City Garden


If you live in the St. Louis area or are visiting then I highly recommend you stop by the CityGarden!  It is a park like atmosphere right in the heart of downtown.  It is absolutely beautiful!

Children and Cell Phones…

Can anyone tell me how it’s possible that one child can send 561 texts in less than 24 hours?  LOL

Sunday my husband and I gave our three oldest kids their birthday presents (early for the girls and a week late for Larry).  We got them each a Samsung Seek from Sprint and I don’t think any of them has actually put it down since we got it. 

Thank goodness for Unlimited texting!

Weekend Fun

Okay I cannot for the life of me figure out how there are no pictures from this weekend.  Now I need to figure out where to begin.  Hmmmm….

Friday night we did a whole lot of sitting around with Briana, Kaleigh, Larry and Chandler and just enjoyed the night air. 

Saturday the kids were anxious to go to spend the night with other people since Tyler and Chase were already gone, but Larry and I had other plans 🙂  First thing we went to Walmart and picked up items for grilling.  Let’s see we got corn on the cob, chicken, and steak!  I will be the first to admit that I do not like heat.  I hate being sweaty and sticky.  I did however spend the majority of the time sitting out back with my husband while he grilled.  We turned on the back water faucet and let Chandler play.  Our older kids then decided that they needed to have a water fight.  They stole found every bucket, cup, jug imaginable in the house and took them to the yard and proceeded to throw them at each other.  Then it was my turn.  I think my husband had more fun laughing at me as my children proceeded to dump buckets and buckets and buckets of cold water on my head.  That lasted into the evening and then once again we sat out and enjoyed the night air. 

Sunday we spent time at my sister in law’s house.  My BIL Tom has every yard toy known to man for children to adults.  It’s safe to say fun was had by all.  Briana decided to stay with my SIL Becky and Kaleigh went to her friend Taylors.  Larry and Chase decided to stay with Maw.  Larry and I took Chandler and Tyler home and went right to sleep. 

Monday Tyler was picked up by my nephew Josh to go swimming with his girls and so that left Larry, Chandler and I to figure out what to do with ourselves.  I techincally didn’t get out of bed and into the shower until about 1:00 and then we went and had lunch at Arby’s.  My niece Amanda then invited us to come over and we had the best time watching the little ones playing in the little pool.  Chandler decided instead of playing in the water he would rather play in the mud.  I know my niece took a picture and I will be sure to post it when I get a copy.    Thanks to our nephew Ryan for grilling all the food and being so gracious for hosting us!  \

I would say we had one good weekend, wouldn’t you?

School’s Out

Our children have been out of school since last Friday around 12:00pm.  This means the start of summer vacation for them. 

With summer vacation our kids like to stay with grandparents, cousins, and friends.  We don’t really have a problem with this since our kids work very hard during the school year.   Wanting to stay with various relatives has really worked out in our current situation because our AC is out.  So, if you know a good, reputable, inexpensive AC guy, PLEASE let me know.

Since the weather has been blistering the last few days, Larry and I have tried our best to stay out of the house.  Last night, however, we decided to get some steaks to grill.  While standing in Shop N Save, a particular sauce caught my eye.  If you have never picked up a bottle of Andria’s steak sauce then you are missing out.  L had never tried it before and after last night he may never grill another steak with out it.  We both highly recommend it so if you’re looking for something new to try then run to the store right now and pick it up.

That’s all I got for today!  Remember if you have an AC guy let me know, otherwise, go pick up Andria’s Steak Sauce.

Let me introduce myself…

No I’m not going to go into an awful version of the Humpty Dance, I just want to take a minute and tell you a little about me.

My name is Shannon a 29 year old, full time working, massive laundry doing, OCD having mother to six.  I am married to a man whom I love and adore.  Larry isn’t just my husband but the father to my wonderful, loving, responsible children.

Before I talk about the kids it’s important to explain that although I didn’t give birth to all of these kids I am their mother in every way imaginable.  The introductions will probably be the only time I will explain who is biologically mine and who are my bonus kids  (I don’t use the term step kids, I think its ugly) so pay attention.  J

Briana – 11 (soon to be 12)
She is our straight A havin’, Presidential Award earnin’, sixth grade graduating girl.  Briana is a strong willed passionate child that I know will succeed in ANYTHING she does in life.  I’m just glad we get to go along for the ride.  She is the daughter of my husband and his ex, but I love her just as much as I do my own.

 (She doesn’t like her picture taken by herself so I told her I was taking it of her beach find.)

Kaleigh – 11 (soon to be 12)
She is our wanna be Rock Star singing, boy lovin’, natural highlight havin’ child.  Kaleigh has always wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember.  Then this year she has decided that she wants to own a spa and give massages.  While Kaleigh is biologically mine her sperm donor resides elsewhere.  Let me just say I am thankful he finally walked away.  I could only mend her broken heart so many times, I’m glad he left before it was shattered. I proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Larry – 11
Oh what can I say about Larry?  I think it’s safe to say that Larry is our toughie.  He is one of those all around good kids who does really good in school but boy watch out if you pick on those he loves.  I love his spunk and can appreciate his love of all animals.  Larry is the oldest son my husband and his ex.  I think I can honestly say that Larry and I have really bonded over the last several years and although we can clash sometimes I am confident that he knows I always mean well.

Tyler – 8 (well in a couple of days)
This little girl is one of the sweetest, tiniest, cutest girls you will ever come across.  She is loved by all the teachers at the school and has had two years of perfect attendance. Like Kaleigh, Tyler loves to sing and is really good at it.  As Tyler gets older I see so many things in her that I admire.  This child has an inner strength that will do her very well in life.  She is the youngest daughter of my husband and his ex.  Tyler is my music lover and I think that is our biggest connection.

Chase – 6
He is definitely all boy!  Chase completed Kindergarten this year and did very well.  He was his teachers star student and his dad and I couldn’t be prouder.  Chase is most certainly another of our strong willed children but yet is very capable of showing a softer side.  He generally gets along with all of his brothers and sisters.  Chase is the youngest son of Larry and his ex.  I have been with Chase since he was 3 ½ years old.  I am honored to have helped mold who he is and has become. 

Chandler – 2
Another son that is all boy!  Chandler is our only child that is “ours”.  We have nicknamed him Bam, partly because during my pregnancy I watched Viva La Bam a lot and partly because it was fitting with how hard he kicked.  Early on in my pregnancy I was put on bedrest because I couldn’t keep anything down.  I was confined to my bed connected to an IV pole.  After I was released from that I had another set back.  My blood pressure was sky rocketing but yet I was showing no signs of Pre-E.  I ended up being on bedrest most of my pregnancy.  November 29, 2007 I woke up and got out of bed to start getting the kids ready for school.  I ended up passing out and was taken to St. John’s where I was told that I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital for a long time.  A month later the doctors felt it was necessary to deliver Bam early.  He was born at 31 weeks gestation and was 3 lbs 4 oz.  He battled through the NICU and the first year of life to get to where he needed to be.  Today he is happy and healthy! 

Well that is our little family!  I hope to be able to tell you all the exciting things and all the ups and downs that we go through.